Kanji Characters and Stroke Count for Hiragana Names

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Katakana: ヒ
Roman: Hi

3 strokes: 干
4 strokes: 日 比 火
5 strokes: 丕 氷
6 strokes: 妃
7 strokes: 冴 否 妣 批
8 strokes: 披 杼 枇 泌 狒 非
9 strokes: 卑 毘 砒 飛
10 strokes: 俾 匪 疲 祕 秘 紕
11 strokes: 婢 曽 梭 涸 菲 豼
12 strokes: 悲 暃 曾 琵 脾 費 賁 陽
13 strokes: 裨
14 strokes: 碑 緋 翡 蜚 鞁
15 strokes: 魮
16 strokes: 霏
17 strokes: 貔
18 strokes: 髀
21 strokes: 贔

Hiragana readings at random:
しり ちえ さがみこ うでづかちょう らま

Kanji characters for this week:
仁王 幸三 福原 鳥谷 裕貴


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