Japanese Kanji Names Dictionary - How to Read and Pronounce

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NEW! Handwritten Japanese Kanji Name Search

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Just Copy and paste kanji you don't know when you encounter online.
In this dictionary, you would get better results when first name and last name get searched separately. You can also check today's fortune-telling ranking, pronunciation of names, handwriting kanji input and list of celebrities' first/last name readings.
If you get no search results today, try again tomorrow since the database gets updated every day.

Kanji names for this week:
千代丸 涼子 菊池

New entries for readings of surnames/given names/places:
あり得ない 論す 皂莢 珠璣

Kanji at random:
取り引き先 書替 行々子 下げ幅 名竹 桑窪 広谷甲

Short stories about names and kanji characters: