Kanji Characters and Stroke Count for Hiragana Names

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Katakana: キョウ
Roman: Kyou

2 strokes: 冂
3 strokes: 廾
4 strokes: 凶
6 strokes: 兇 共 匈 匡
7 strokes: 冏 况 刧 夾 抂 杏
8 strokes: 享 京 今日 佼 供 協 況 羌
9 strokes: 姜 峡 恊 拱 洶 矜
10 strokes: 卿 峺 恭 脅
11 strokes: 強 梗
12 strokes: 蛩 蛬
13 strokes: 筴 筺 經 跫
14 strokes: 僑 僥 兢
15 strokes: 僵 嬌 鞏 餃
16 strokes: 彊 徼 興 襁 鍄
17 strokes: 磽
18 strokes: 竅
19 strokes: 嚮 疆 鏡
20 strokes: 響 饗
21 strokes: 囂
22 strokes: 竸
24 strokes: 鱜
32 strokes: 僥謳

Hiragana readings at random:
めいぞう てんがい よこすかせん しんじゅつ しんいまざと

Kanji characters for this week:
窪田 八村 茂木 崇史 英樹


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