Kanji Characters and Stroke Count for Hiragana Names

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Katakana: ガイ
Roman: Gai

2 strokes: 乂 匸
7 strokes: 苅
8 strokes: 劾
10 strokes: 害
11 strokes: 啀
12 strokes: 剴
13 strokes: 愾 慨 碍 該
14 strokes: 概
15 strokes: 皚
17 strokes: 賀以
18 strokes: 雅生
19 strokes: 峨眉 礙 雅伊
20 strokes: 我意
21 strokes: 賀威
25 strokes: 賀意
26 strokes: 雅意

Hiragana readings at random:
ありひろ しゃない みすじ しんきゃく しんじ

Kanji characters for this week:
愛理 竜也 仁美 雲田 井山


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