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ひぐち、ひのくち Higuchi Hinokuchi  

Strokes: 17

Surnames or given names with 17 strokes

Names with "樋" Names with "口"

Kanji list for Higuchi Kanji list for Hinokuchi

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Name recognition for this month: 7

Readings for celebrities' names and places including "樋口":
  • 樋口雅子: Higuchimasako
  • 樋口清: Higuchikiyoshi
  • 樋口聖典: Higuchikiyonori
  • List of celebrities's surnames and given names including "樋口"
  • Lucky ranking for today(2020年5月29日): 222,729

    Celebrities' name including "樋" Celebrities' name including "口"

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