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ゆうと、はやと、ゆいと、ゆと Yuuto Hayato Yuito Yuto  

Strokes: 13

Surnames or given names with 13 strokes

How to write & Stroke order for 勇斗

How to write & Stroke order for 勇
How to write & Stroke order for 斗

Names with "勇" Names with "斗"

Kanji list for Yuuto Kanji list for Hayato Kanji list for Yuito Kanji list for Yuto

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Name recognition for this month: 9

Readings for celebrities' names and places including "勇斗":
  • 磯村勇斗: Isomurahayato
  • 森嶋勇斗: Morishimahayato
  • Cute Nicknames:
  • ゆうと: ゆうっピ、ゆうにゃん、ゆうピー
  • はやと: はやとん、はーや、はっちゃん
  • ゆいと: ゆっいー、ゆーちゃん、ゆいにゃん
  • Lucky ranking for today(2020年9月29日): 40,927

    Celebrities' name including "勇" Celebrities' name including "斗"

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