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かつ、かつみ、まさる Katsu Katsumi Masaru  

Strokes: 7

Surnames or given names with 7 strokes

Names with "克"

Kanji list for Katsu Kanji list for Katsumi Kanji list for Masaru

I know other readings.

Radical: 儿 (ひとあし・にんにょう)


Name recognition for this month: 93

Meaning in English: Overcome

Readings for celebrities' names and places including "克":
  • 児玉克哉: Kodamakatsuya
  • 矢倉克夫: Yakurakatsuo
  • 猪熊克芳: Inokumakatsuyoshi
  • List of celebrities's surnames and given names including "克"
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