Kanji Characters and Stroke Count for Hiragana Names

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Katakana: コ
Roman: Ko

3 strokes: 子 小
4 strokes: 心
5 strokes: 仔
6 strokes: 此 虍
7 strokes: 乕 估 児 杞 来
8 strokes: 呱 呼 固 怙 沽 狐
9 strokes: 孤 弧 祜 胡
10 strokes: 個 粐 罟
11 strokes: 扈 蛄
12 strokes: 琥 觚 詁 辜
13 strokes: 壼 楜 瑚 鈷
14 strokes: 滬 滸 箇
15 strokes: 蝴
16 strokes: 醐 錮 鴣
18 strokes: 瞽 餬
21 strokes: 顧
23 strokes: 蠱

Hiragana readings at random:
やすひろ ゆりえ さっか らくよう くりゅう

Kanji characters for this week:
窪塚 愛理 小坂 降谷凪 千聖


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